Thursday, February 26, 2009

Signaling for a Time Out

For various reasons, including
tremendous amounts of school work
in order to graduate on time
my mental health
a possible addiction
I am leaving the blogosphere for a bit.
I'm not sure how long that bit will be, but I won't be writing or checking blogs.
It could be anywhere from a week to much longer.
I'll be back by March 18 for sure.
[That's when we find out if we are having a boy or a girl.]
I'll miss reading your updates,
so don't go all crazy and start posting every day!
I honestly think I'll be going through withdrawls,
which is why I need to step away.
I am also an emotional pregnant lady, and I worry too much
and stress too much about things over which I have no control.
And did I mention I have a ton of school work to do before April 1st?
Well, I do. A ton.
Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know.
See you soon.
Or not that soon.
I'm not sure.
Until then, enjoy the approaching Spring.
Knoxville is warming up already.
Today we'll be around 67 degrees.
I love Spring.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Awards Show Has a First Name

it's O-S-C-A-R!

Thanks to my new place in the Eastern Time Zone, the Oscars came on at 8:30 last night. Oh-so-late for me. But I survived about half of it. By the time I went to bed I was pretty fed up with the anti-religious propaganda. I wish they'd just show up in their pretty or not-so-pretty dresses, hand out 10 really important awards, and call it a night. The writer of Milk was horribly bigoted against religion, ironic considering he's protesting bigoted behavior against gays. And I'm grateful I missed Sean Penn's inflamed speech. I wouldn't have been able to sleep.

However, Hugh Jackman did great. No dirty or political jokes. Just music and dry wit. And Heath Ledger and Kate Winslet won. They were the only two I really cared about. I did really want Brangelina NOT to win. I'm not a big fan of either of them. I don't know what it is; guess I don't like adultery or creepy people.
As sweet justice, Jennifer Aniston looked gorgeous up on that stage.

Anyway, the only part that really matters (funny, since it really doesn't even matter), is the dresses. So let's take a look.

Erin's Worst Dressed of 2009

Vanessa Hudgens's dress should only be worn on a 6'4'' model.
Jessica Biel forgot to remove her napkin after eating dinner
Miley Cyrus's fish dress
In the words of my mother: Beyonce, I'm not sure I can handle that!
People who looked gorgeous on stage and
only semi-gorgeous in photographs:

Natalie Portman
Jennifer Aniston

Erin's Best Dressed 2009:

Kate Winslet

Taraji P. Henson (nominated for Doubt)
And my favoritest: Penelope Cruz

Friday, February 20, 2009

Spiritual Gems

I've been so sick and busy, I've been slacking in the things that are most important. The class I'm currently working on is Teachings of the Living Prophets, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to read the words of the prophets and feel the Spirit every day (while at work, so I'm getting paid; and I get college credit for it~love BYU).
Its amazing, the Gospel. It really is.
I think I forget sometimes.
A favorite quote, which was actually also recently on the R House.
"Make up your mind to be happy-even when you don't have money, even when you don't have a clear complexion, even when you don't have the Nobel Prize. Some of the happiest people I know have none of these things the world insists are necessary for satisfaction and joy. Why are theyhappy? I suppose it is because they don't listen very well. Or they listen too well-to the things their hearts tell them. They glory in the beauty of the earth. They glory in the rivers and the canyons and the call of the meadowlark. They glory in the love of their families, the stumbling steps of a toddler, the wise and tender smile of the elderly. They glory in honest labor. They glory in the scriptures. They glory in the presence of the Holy Ghost. One thing I know for certain: the time we have here goes by far too quickly. Don't waste any more time sitting on the bench watching life pass you by."

Joseph B. Wirthlin, "Lessons Learned in the Journey of Life." Ensign,May 2001, 35.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pleasant Surprise

My Valentine returned from Birmingham with a V Day present just for me.

Gap Maternity.
Adorable, huh?
Mine is blue.
Granted, it will take a few months for me to be able to fill it out.
Just in time for summer.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Its Friday the 13th. And I found $10 in the pocket of a coat I haven't worn for a while. Not so unlucky after all. What is unlucky is that I am Valentine-less on this Valentine weekend. Chris is in the distant land of Birmingham, Alabama at a conference for his program. As of last night, he is really enjoying it, so I'm really glad he went. But I miss him. We will be doing a Valentine make up next weekend. This weekend I will be putting the house back together (hopefully)---did I ever mention we moved? Well, we did. It was insane, but we'll be saving money and it only takes having a baby on the way to remind you how poor you are. So the new place is full of boxes and random stuff all over that I have no idea where to put (the new place has significantly less storage). That will be a party. The movie Sabrina, mac and cheese, grocery shopping, and unpacking: welcome to my Valentines day. I'm so blessed~~to have a tv, food, home, and husband.

Well, I was tagged by new-mommy Stacey. So I figured it would be a fun thing to do on this treat-filled, $10-finding Friday the 13th.

The Big 8
Here are the Rules:
1) Post rules on your blog
2) Answer the six '8' items
3) Let each person know by leaving them a comment
PS these are NOT in order.

1. Man vs. Food
2. Biggest Loser
3. John and Kate Plus 8
4. Life
5. What Not to Wear
6. Gilmore Girls
7. The West Wing
8. 30 Rock

1. Went to work
2. Attempted to make stir-fry
3. Spilled rice all over my stove and kitchen floor
4. Ate 3 ice cream bars
5. Took a nap on my lunch break
6. Unpacked my clothes and shoes
7. Said good-bye to my hubby
8. Talked to my mommy

1. Finding out if we are having a boy or a girl
2. Spring weather
3. Putting together a baby room
4. Graduating from BYU!
5. Going to Idaho/Utah for graduation
6. Feeling my baby move around and kick
7. My home being put together
8. My husband coming home

1. Abuelos
2. Jimmy Johns
3. PF Changs
4. Chick-fil-A
5. Chilis
6. Pier 49 GF pizza
7. Ming's
8. Texas Roadhouse (usually, not right now)

1. A house
2. Staying at home when baby comes
3. Chris to find the perfect PhD program
4. That perfect PhD program to be in the West
5. A warm beach with my husband
6. Being closer to family
7. Healthy pregnancy
8. Healthy baby

1. Debbie D.
2. Dore J.
3. Becky C.
4. Sarah C. (for your new blog!)
5. Cami M.
6. Amy W.
7. Dominique Q.
8. Jessie K.

Enjoy your Valentine's Weekend!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First Trimester Wrap Up

Warning: I'm getting into all the guts and glory of first-trimesterness. So if you don't want to read it, don't read it. I won't mind. Really.

A while back I happened to think the first trimester ended at 12 weeks. So when I was at 11 1/2 weeks, I was really disappointed to find out it wasn't really until 14 weeks. Surprise! But I made it. Today I made it. And my plan that the nausea would stop the day the first trimester ended . . . not working. But I am feeling better. I even cooked with Chris last night; a huge step for someone who has been unable to smell/look at cooking food for quite a while.

A friend of ours wrote on his blog that since his wife has been pregnant, he now better understands the brilliance in the Lord's requirement that couples be married before having children. Women are so sick/crazy during pregnancy, the man would have a hard time sticking around without some sort of legal or eternal binding contract. He was joking, of course, but it still rings a little true . . . .

The first trimester was great while it lasted. I'm grateful I get to have a first trimester. I know I'm lucky. But honestly, I'm not too sad to say hello to trimester number 2.

Least favorite first-trimester symptom: Excess saliva. Yes, for me its worse then throwing up. From about 7-9 weeks I produced so much saliva, it wasn't even funny. I realized it was making the nausea worse every time I swallowed it, so you know what I did? I started spitting it into a cup. Soon I had "spit cups" all over the house, and could fill said spit cup in one or two episodes of 30 Rock (we watched a ton of that over Christmas break). My little brother said he never wanted to have kids if his wife had to have a spit cup. It was nasty. And I'm grateful the spit cup phase was relatively short-lived.

Tales of Nausea: Nausea started around 6 weeks and continues til right now. I don't get the phrase "morning sickness". That's a joke. Its really "all day, every day sickness". The vomiting lasted from 6 weeks to this past Friday (I say lasted because I'm praying its over). But honestly, I could take that. I only cried while throwing up twice. Pretty good. And every time I lost it, my dear husband would come stand by me or sit and rub my back and tell me how healthy and strong our baby was. The least good (nothing was ever bad, I tell myself, I'm having a baby, after all) was on our flight to Idaho for Christmas. I was 7 weeks. And I threw up 7 times. And I hated flying before that experience.

The best part: You can feel something going on. Little aches and pains tell you someone is growing inside of you, making room for him/her self. "Things" are fuller. Feet get sore faster. Bed time is moved up to 8:00. Chicken looks gross. GF Macaroni and cheese and GF pancakes are heaven. And all the sudden your pants are tight because your abdomen is just a little rounder between the hips than it used to be. All signs point to something special.

The bestest part: Hearing baby's heartbeat for the first time. And the second time.


Exact due date? August 12

Do you secretly wish for a boy or a girl? You know we'll be happy with either. When we first found out, I was convinced it was a boy. I was excited about that. Chris is the oldest in his family and I have older brothers. Older brothers are a great way to go. But lately, I've been daydreaming about a little girl. I have her nursery all planned out in my head. So it switches back and forth. And I'll take either;-). We find out if he/she is a he or a she on March 18!

How have you been feeling? Wonderful. And horrible. But that's the way it goes, right?

Have you thought about names? Extensively. Since we first got married, really. And much more in the X months we've been trying to get pregnant. Neither of us really want to officially name him/her until we see the little face. Until we see if our names match the little spirit that just joined us. That's a personal preference. And the chances of sharing any of my most favorite names is probably slim. I don't really want any input (sorry). If my baby is named Ralph, no one is going to say "I don't really like that name you gave your baby". But if I say I might name my baby Ralph, I'll get all sorts of feedback, good and bad. So we'll see. Maybe we'll put some names out there, maybe not. We do have one boy name and one girl name that we really really love. And have since the beginning. So I think the chances of not using those two are slim, but we'll see.

Was it on purpose? Yes. I'll spare you those details, ha ha. But I will say, even though baby showed up later (though, really not that late, I'm not complaining about that) than we originally wanted, the timing was perfect. I can't imagine if I had been pregnant and trying to finish classes this last spring. Or trying to make the move to Tennessee. Or having no job and no insurance. Everything that has happened has worked out just right, and has been a blessing. I'm grateful for the Lord's timing.

So there you have it. We are so excited. But I'm actually so scared. Confessions: I have never changed a diaper. I have never held a child younger than 3 or 4 months. I've never given a baby a bottle or bath. I have zero experience for this job I applied for. Hopefully the on-the-job training will go well! Anyway . . .

Welcome, second trimester. I've been eagerly waiting for your arrival.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Domestic Dispute

Last night as Chris and I arrived home, we saw two of the missionaries from our ward walking down the street. After a few minutes of talking and checking if they needed a ride, we continued home. Somewhere the conversation led to Chris joking, "You have a crush on Elder X". What? "Yeah, you said you thought he was a cutie." Yeah, I said, like a 4-year-old is a cutie. I don't have a crush on a 4-year-old.

But here's the dispute: he said "No, its like on the song Santa Baby. She says Santa Cutie and she's in love with him."


You think the girl singing Santa Baby is in love with Santa Claus? Seriously?

Our argument proceeded and by the time we reached our apartment our voices were raised (in a loving way, not genuinely angry). Chris's side was that the girl was in love with Santa and was singing like that because she loved him and wanted him ("She wants him to bring her a ring!" he says). My side was that the girl was just using her feminine charm to get what she wanted. Because Santa determines who gets what, she was using womanly wiles to win him over to get presents out of him ("She doesn't want a ring from him! She just wants a ring. Girls like rings!" is my reply.)

So we looked up the lyrics for any clues, and each line we could argue our way.

So how do you view the song? Is the girl in love with Santa? Or is she charming him to get presents? Please vote and resolve this domestic dispute.