Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breakfast Cupcakes

I worked with a lady once who didn’t know what a muffin was. Another coworker asked her to pick up a muffin for her, and this person had to call her teenage daughter to ask what a muffin was. Teenage daughter replied, “You know mama, a breakfast cupcake.” A breakfast cupcake, indeed.
Anyway, please excuse me as I get up on my soap box . . .
Ok, all situated. Yesterday I was talking to my mom and she told me about the new Hot Mormon Mom Muffin (not sure of the actual title) calendar. We don’t get a lot of Mormon news out here, so it was the first I heard of it. Its done by the same guy who put out the sexy missionary calendar and features real LDS housewives in various states of undress holding muffins and each month as a muffin recipe. The cover model said she did the calendar to dispel LDS housewife stereotypes.
First, exactly what stereotype is she talking about? Ok, I know what she means, but any woman who has spent any time with LDS women knows that while we share values like, I don’t know, virtue, modesty, righteousness, kindness, service, (or at least try to) LDS women are all very different. We are educated and talented. Some work, some don’t, some run businesses, go to school, have 2 kids or 10. Some have dinner on table when their husband gets home, and some have their husband do the cooking after a long day (or is that just me?). The fact the she, as an LDS woman, is even perpetuating the idea that there is a “typical” Mormon woman is annoying. You, Mrs. September or whatever month you are, obviously know or care very little about the fabulous women this Church produces, as you are obviously not one of them. And how are you “dispelling” this “stereotype”? By contributing to the world’s objectification of women, that’s how. Because I hate to be the one to inform you of this, but people aren’t buying this calendar to better understand your stance on LDS women. They aren’t even buying it for the muffin recipes. They are buying it to look at the “muffin tops” spilling out of your shirt.
Well, now that I'm up here and we're talking about women objectifying themselves, how about one more topic on conversation. Skanky Halloween costumes. There are few things I despise more than skanky Halloween costumes. I can't stand how girls dress up as a skany referee or skany police officer or skanky devil or whatever. Its really just a bra and a police hat and there you have your costume! Its like an excuse to dress extra skank-errific. If you want to dress like that, just go as a stripper for Halloween instead. And Chris just told me someone he knows at school is going as a "sexy deer" while her man goes as a hunter. I mean, I know the world has to sexualize pretty much everything, but deer? Really? Halloween was once fun and childish. Now Facebook gets x-rated as it fills up with pictures of everybody's horrible costumes.
Ok, stepping off the soap box now.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Every Morning

While Carly continues to be an intense eater (I struggle to stretch her to 2 hours between feedings, though yesterday she did 3 hours twice. Woohoo!), she is also a masterful sleeper. She has slept through the night consistently since she was a month old, and these days sleeps between 8-10 hours a night, maxing out at almost 11 hours! This is a true testimony to me that the Lord doesn't give you more than you can handle. He knows I couldn't handle no sleep for more than a month! ha ha. No, I'm sure there will be many nights ahead that aren't so good, but for now I'm enjoying it.

One major perk to 10 hours of sleep is the fact that I awaken to a very happy, albeit very hungry, baby. This is what I get to see every morning:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Isn't she lovely?

[Mostly for gandparents: click to make image larger]

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Wow, thanks for the questions! This is LONG and I just wrote whatever went on in my head, so occasionally I go on a tangent. Enjoy;-)

My brother, Michael, asked: If you had a thousand dollars that you HAD to spend tomorrow and could not save or donate, what would you spend it on?
Answer: My thousand dollars could go 2 ways (assuming I don’t pay bills either). One would be a shopping spree on clothes and shoes. I mostly shop at places like TJMaxx and Ross because you can find stuff that not everyone has and at better prices, meaning you can get more;-). I’d also go to Dick’s, because I’m a sucker for cute Nike workout stuff. And I have an addiction to jackets/coats, so I’d find a few cute ones. Yes, I could spend $1000 just “shopping”, but I’m sure there would be purchases for Chris and Carly in there.
The second way to drop $1000 would take me to Best Buy. We desperately need a new laptop and I drool over the digital cameras. We got our camera over 3 years ago and now you can get twice as many megapixels for half the price. They have the updated version of our camera in blue that I covet. Anyway, a new computer and a digital camera would be another wonderful way to spend $1000. (Though a new TV would be awfully fun too.)

My friend Laura asked: Hmm... what's the best gift you've ever received? Given? I'm going to put some limitations on you though and say it actually has to be a material gift, no saying Carly, Chris, wisdom, etc. :)
Answer: One gift that I got that I really cherish is a blanket that Chris made me the Christmas right before we got engaged. He was really surprised when I told him I was going to say that. Ok, he didn’t actually do the sewing, but he put it all together. It’s a quilt of aspects of his life and my life and has pictures of us together and is purple and green (my too favorite colors). I’ll put a picture up so you can see it. I love it so much that I never use it. For 4 years it has been wrapped in plastic and kept in the closet! I don’t want anything to happen too it. Another gift I’m really loving right now is my “C” necklace. Its tres cute.
Best gift I’ve given? I must be a bad gift giver because only one really stood out in my mind. Once I saved up money for months to buy a high school boyfriend a Fossil watch for Christmas. That was stupid; that’s not it. However, for Valentines when Chris and I were dating, I started in mid-January and wrote a journal entry every day about what we did that day and how I felt. Mushy stuff, to be sure, but I did it for a whole month and typed it up and added pictures and inside jokes and put it all in a book for his V-Day present. It was pretty nifty, I must say, and its something we both like to look at even now.

My dad asked: What do you think about, aside from your loved ones, in any spare time? (This is not intended to be a test question from April's General Conference.)JT
Answer: This might be the hardest question I got. Honestly, these days I think about very little other than Chris, Carly, and how I’m going to make it through the day (in a positive way, like actual what I will do when and how). I’ve found motherhood to be delightful, but also more than a tad overwhelming. Maybe other people find it easier sooner, but I’m just beginning to feel a little under control. Anyway . . . I think about sports, what games are coming, injured athletes, etc. This is weird but how TV shows impact me. Like the other day I saw an Oprah where she was seeing how people live very simply in Denmark and now I want to throw away half of my belongings. How friends are doing that I haven’t seen in a long time. Things I’d like to do soon, things I’d do if I have time (messy closet, anyone?). Then theres the Gospel-oriented things, the personal things, and the parenting things (which will get a blog of its own eventually). I don’t really think of anything in particular. Just what hits me whenever it hits me.

My brother, Jason, asked: Which one of your brothers is your favorite? No pressure.
Answer: Jesus

My gorgeous husband, Chris, asked (he asked 3. Cheater.):
1) What is your single favorite childhood memory?
Answer: Impossible. Too many. One is of course taking walks with my daddy around the Mesa Temple when we lived in Arizona. Vacations to the Oregon Coast (rolling down the sandhill). Tree houses in the orange grove in AZ. Feeding the homeless cat by the new Jr High in AZ. Praying with my cousin on a rainy 4th of July that it would clear up so we could have fireworks that night (it worked). Orange and grape soda fight in a friends backyard. Filling the dirt hole in my backyard with water so it was a giant mud pit and then playing in the mud with same aforementioned cousin. I was blessed to have a very fun childhood with fun good friends and a wonderful family.

2) If you could meet any one person to ask them anything, who would that be and what would you ask them (and what would you do the rest of the day with them)? (This person must be someone besides Jesus, because everyone would want to talk with him)
Answer: At the risk of getting too emotional and too personal, I’m going to be totally honest. And I hope my dad doesn’t mind. If I could meet and speak with any one person, it would be my paternal grandmother, Bonnie. Bonnie died when my father was a child, but its easy to see she was a special woman. My grandfather remarried, and I grew up with a wonderful grandma that I love very much, but I’ve always wanted to meet and know my Grandma Bonnie. My grandpa is a tender man, and whenever he speaks of her, he does it with great reverence and love. I can see how much he loved and continues to love her. I can see that in my dad too. I look forward to meeting her some day. And what would I ask her? To tell me her life story. I want to hear everything. Then we would have a simple day of getting lunch and doing whatever she would like to do.

3) How did you get so beautiful?
my mom

My friend Kristin asked, Do you ever cheat on your celiac diet? ;)
Answer: Uhhhh . . . rarely on purpose. I feel too horrible when I do. Sometimes, especially when going out to eat, I get a little lacksadaisical and don’t bother asking many questions about how they prepare things and whats in a meal. During pregnancy I was very careful, but once since having Carly I was careless and got pretty sick. Forgot what that feels like! Ew. And I cheat with malt and malt extract a lot. I don’t find that malt bothers me all that much so sometimes I just don’t worry about it;-)

My friend Stacey asked: Best/Worst highschool memory.
Answer: This was hard too. I don’t really have one specific best memory of high school. I have lots of wonderful memories: dances, playing sports, friends, boyfriends;-). I had great friends in high school (many of whom are reading now;-) and was lucky to have people around me who shared my values. Ok, is that a bale out? All right one really FUNNY memory: It was the dance in November that was a girl-ask-guy formal (oh gosh, what was it called, you Highlanders??). Anyway my and two friends, Barbs and Katie, went in a group with our dates. Early that morning for the “day date” we picked them up and blindfolded them. Then we drove them all around the neighborhood (we all lived in the same neighborhood) in and made sharp turns and drove all crazy so it seemed like we were going far away. Our plan . . . gosh this is a long story and I’m dying of laughter trying to write it, but it’s a “had to be there story”. If you want to know, let me know and I’ll post it. But I had lots of hilarious and wonderful memories from high school. But whats funny? Life is infinitely better now.
Worst: My worst memories are private and sad. I think everyone has those hard times in high school. One of the reasons life is infinitely better now.

My sister-in-law, Becky, asked: Which in-law do you like best for what reason? I know, it's too easy.
On Chris’s side: Sam, because she is loyal and noble.
On my side: Camie and Kasee are tied because they both have great taste in men.

My friend Laura (a different Laura) asked: If you could have a super power what would it be?
All right maybe this was hardest??? I must not be very exciting because Chris was naming off super powers and I didn’t really want any of them. I wouldn’t really want anything physical like flying or strength. I’d want something along the lines of a “Twilight” super power. Like Jasper’s. He can control the mood in a room, make people feel at ease. Something like that would be great because you could use it to make friends, be successful at any vocation you choose, and be a good mother and wife. Ok, am I boring or what?

My friend Erin asked: What is the craziest dream that you have had and remember?
Answer: The craziest dream for me wasn’t really that crazy but it was just so REAL and the timing of it made it crazier. We were still in Provo and contemplating starting to start trying to have a baby in the very near future. I had the most real and vivid dream of sitting in a hospital bed and Chris was next to me. We were holding a baby boy named John (a real name we like for a boy—its Chris’s late grandfather’s name). The boy had reddish brown hair, the color Carly’s is now. All the emotions I felt were so strong. It was really cool and just so real I woke up wondering where the baby slept. A while later not long after I found out I was pregnant, I had a dream about walking on the Oregon coast with Chris and toddler John. He still had that reddish brown hair. Needless to say, I was shocked when I found out we were having a girl first!
Thanks for the questions! It was fun for me to answer, though way harder than I expected. Probably won’t be doing this again anytime soon;-).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


[I saw a friend do this and thought it looked fun.]
Ask me a question.
Any question about anything.
You can even do it anonymously.
Then I'll answer it in my next post.
The more questions the better.
Sounds fun, huh?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Do me a favor?

Will you wear my massive diamond while I play softball? she asked.
(She didn't use those exact words.)
Sure, I reply, but there is a possibility I will walk off with it after the game is over and my hands are completely numb after holding a sleeping baby in the freezing cold without any gloves.
Oh, and did I mention it was freezing cold?
Carly didn't seem to notice.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


We blessed Carly a week ago. My parents came in for the occasion and we had a grand ol' time. We did some birthday shopping for me, went to Chris's sister's swim meet and saw campus, had a BBQ at a beautiful park, hit up PF Changs, and hung out and held Carly (which is what they really wanted to do anyway). I was so grateful they could come and really enjoyed having them here, as I happen to have the bestest parents in the world. Chris's parents were also able to come down, which was so great, and Carly was royally spoiled by all 4. On Monday I put her in her bouncer so I could eat and she looked at me like "What?! I haven't been put down in 5 days!". It was a great few days and it went way too quickly, as usual.

Carly, Grandpa, and Queen Mum
Carly chilling with Grandpa
Me and my parents at the park. Daddy, daughter, and granddaughter taking a walk.The Blessing

Carly's blessing was beautiful. She was so happy and smiley that morning and that day at church, like she knew it was a special day for her. Chris did a great job and gave her a beautiful blessing (though, he neglected to give her any super powers), and I was grateful to see Carly's daddy and two wonderful grandfathers in the blessing circle.
I looked high and low for a blessing dress for Carly. I wanted something long and classic and beautiful, but not super puffy or weddingy. We went to several stores and couldn't find anything I really loved (all this for a blessing dress--just wait until she gets married!). Finally I made a quick trip to a children's second-hand boutique that I'd been to before. Its a pretty ritzy second-hand store, and their standards are pretty high. And there was the perfect dress. White with smocking on the top and simple detail at the bottom. It even came with a little slip to wear underneath. And even better: it still had the original tags on. I loved it, and am happy Carly neither spit up nor pooped all over it. It will definately be something we keep for any future daughters who may join us. And her blanket was knitted by her great-grandma Thomas, who only has 60 great grandchildren (Yes, Carly is number 60). It was so generous of her to do it.
Pretty girl.

It was a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend.
Now we're counting down the days until Christmas.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

11 lbs 8 oz of pure yummy.

Carly had her 2 month check-up this week, complete with a colon check and 3 shots. It was not at all enjoyable for her or her mother. We cried together. The colon check took place before the shots, so Carly was already screaming by the time the shots were given. The nurse said it was nice not to be the one to make the baby upset. Carly's pediatrician, Dr. P, started off with a rather happy and adorable baby. While we were waiting for her to come in, I captured this:

(Its two minutes long, but so adorable. She just smiles and talks and looks cute the whole time. And I, of course, sound like an idiot.)

Anyway, Carly is perfectly average in all things physical (but of course way above average in intellect). After that traumatic visit, Carly was rather whiny and needy the rest of the day. But I like snuggling with her, so it wasn't too bad. All in all, I think she handled it like a champ . . . and she slept 10 hours that night, which this mama didn't mind at all.

In other news . . .

We have begun celebrating Halloween in the C House.

We got Carly's costume. Its quite simple, but she'll look adorable.

No, I won't tell. You'll just have to wait for Halloween.

Carly is improving on the tummy time front. I sometimes think she will walk before she crawls because the loves to stand and take "steps", but hates being on her tummy and pushing up. Also, her mom always forgets to do tummy time, giving her little chance to practice so she can "be all she can be." But we're both getting better, and Dr. P said she was right where she should be.

And last but definitely not least in my book,
Carly slept in her crib in her room last night.
I haven't slept that good in, well, two months and 4 days.
She did great and slept through the night pretty much.
I don't think she notices a huge difference since she is still swaddled.
She seemed to like it just fine;-)
Chris missed her in our room.
I didn't. (Is that bad?)

Well, Chris proposed his thesis. He did a superb job, but needed to make a few adjustments. He took a break while families were in town for Carly's blessing (to be blogged about soon!) but then proceeded to spend 14 hours on campus on Monday. Hopefully things will be slowing down for him in a week or so.
I got my haircut. It was glorious, as my parents watched Carly during it. I got bangs, but they aren't too drastic. I think I'll go a little more drastic next time around. I also went shorter, but tried to avoid a hard-core "mom" haircut. I just had really dead ends and needed a fresh start.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

two months old.

As of yesterday.
(I was a day late last month too).
They aren't kidding when they say babies grow so fast.
Carly, at two months you . . .

*love to stand and move around. You like to stand on mom's lap and look around. You don't like being held like a baby unless you're really tired. And you like to be in constant motion and wiggle a lot.
*are finally smiling! And have the most beautiful smile in the world.
*are starting to "talk" all the time. You have so many stories to tell.
*are becoming a redhead. We think its going to stick.
*have started drooling ALL OVER the place.
*sleep eight hours almost every night (almost). Your mom appreciates it.
*are still an unpredictable eater, but we're learning to stay one step ahead of you (or one step behind, but that's still better than the 10 steps behind we used to be).
*continue to be very curious. You love looking at the world around you, especially bright colors and lights.
*are a baby now, and no longer my newborn. This is bittersweet for your mamma.
Happy two months, Car. We're glad you joined us.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yesterday was my birthday.

Chris got me this little number.
Plaid is in this fall.
And my mom sent me this little gem.
Now I can channel my inner Nicole Richie.
(Thats a "C" and Carly's August gemstone.)

It was a good day.

And best of all, the celebrations continue. This year I get a birthday week.
My parents arrive in Knoxville tonight.
I don't think you're ever too old to love seeing your mommy and daddy.
I know I never will be.

Enjoy the rest of your week. See you on Monday.

(Maybe. Carly is getting her first round of shots that day. Fun way to celebrate her blessing, huh?)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Conference Sunday

There are few things more delicious than General Conference Sunday. There is nothing better than hanging in pjs, snuggling in bed, making a large unhealthy breakfast, and listening to the servants of the Lord speak His words right through your home computer. How blessed can we get?

We started Conference Sunday off right.

Carly hung out in her swing . . .

while mamma and daddy got cooking.
It was a chilly morning (finally!), so we broke out the long pjs
(Chris is the one with the polar bears).
I looked rather glamorous as I mixed gluten-free pancake mix.
Our feast required all four burners . . . . . . and turned out absolutely magnificent.
Then snuggle time commenced.
And we spent the afternoon taking a nap (well, Carly did).

We listened too, even though a suddenly active nearly 2-month-old made it difficult (as did the fact that our English feed suddenly switched to French). But wasn't it great? The parts I heard certainly were, and I look forward to reading the rest. My favorite was Elder Holland on the Book of Mormon. I find myself picking Elder Holland as my favorite just about every Conference. I'm grateful for the chance we have twice a year to spend a day in bed with the ones we love and hear what God has to say.

I love Conference Sunday.

(p.s. Conference Saturday is great too, just not always quite as relaxing).

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I love October.

Its always been my favorite month.
These days, Tennessee is finally cooling down and drying up a little.
And starting to look something like this.
And its my birthday. Who doesn't like a birthday?
And hockey started up October 1st (in case you didn't know).
And why, yes, the Penguins won their first game.
And we're currently in the midst of enjoying General Conference.
While keeping Carly happy has put a new twist on things,
Conference weekend is always a wonderful weekend.
And my parents are making a grand return to Knoxville for Carly's blessing next week.
Its so nice to actually get to see them.And I love Halloween.
And this year I get to put a baby in a costume.
I just love October.
And because she is so cute . . . .

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Light of Her Life

Lets try this again.

Carly loves light. She loves to stare at our kitchen light, which is known as the "light of her life." She also loves to stare at the ceiling fan when its moving, which is known as "her biggest fan." I know, we're clever.

My intention was to post two videos, but apparently the first video I wanted to post is unpostable by blogger, which I'm highly annoyed over as I have tried on several occasions. Anyway, it displays Carly's devotion to the "light of her life" as she stares at it for a solid minute and half. Its really quite adorable and hilarious.

But the second video is the really funny one (though, maybe only to her doting parents). We tried an experiment. What happens when daddy walks Carly away from the "light of her life"?

(PS. She is so stiff because she is swaddled. Its bed time, but obviously she wasn't feeling like sleeping.)

Enjoy. (and ignore the outrageous laughter from both me and Chris. I had no idea my laugh sounded so much like Goofy.)